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We found Heather’s professional development sessions extremely worthwhile. Her delivery was fast paced, enjoyable and of immense value. I highly recommend Heather as a facilitator of writing development."

Wendy Dent, Deputy Principal, Hoon Hay School


Teaching Writing

I love working with writers of all ages to help them shape their ideas, find the best words and to give them agency in the world



Most of my teaching and

professional development

work can be booked through

Write On School for Young Writers.


Teaching Teachers

With over 35 years experience in education, I particularly enjoy talking with classroom teachers about ways for them to engage, and engage with, their young writers through a process of playful, problem-solving and polished writing. 

I regularly speak with teachers at staff meetings, Kahui Ako hui and conferences.


Topics include:

The Essentials of Writing

Prompts for Playful Writing

Redrafting: A Problem-solving Approach

Engaging with Boys and their Writing

Sorting Out Sentences

I also offer online mentorship to adult writers of flash fiction. Please contact me for prices and availabilty.

Write On
Saturday Morning Tutoring Senior Class
Write On
Summer Writing School for Teens

Author Presentations

Author Presentation

I am happy to present to small and large groups of young people or adults. 

Please contact me to make enquiries.

Currently presenting: 


A Promise of Dragons and Chocolate

Meet author Heather McQuillan who will lead you on a trail of secrets and stories with her latest book for young readers, Avis and the Promise of Dragons (The Cuba Press 2019).

There will be room for you to stretch your imagination, take part in a lizard quiz and, if you are brave enough, taste some dragonish chocolate!

suitable for 7-12 year olds

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