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  • Heather McQuillan

Promises Promises

Malinda sighed a deep sigh and ran her hand gently down the fine netting she’d put up to keep the occupants safe. ‘If every promise made were an egg, then the world would be miles-deep in broken eggshells.’

Avis thought about the promises that she had made and broken, about the promises her mum had made when she left, and about how her dad kept saying he was onto it when he wasn’t. Avis had made a promise to Malinda to look after the lizards. She hoped she could keep that promise, but felt a bit unsure of herself now.

Chapter 4. Avis and the Promise of Dragons

So I've created a website and opened up a new blog with the promise to myself that, this time, I will maintain a schedule and blog regularly and not let months and months go by. I feel a bit unsure of myself now!

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